Qatar News Agency gets new release of agenda apps for iPhone, iPad and Android developed by KnowledgeView

December 22, 2013 6:59 am

The new apps have attractive front screen of breaking stories, text-to-speech, better search, much better user interface and support for System 7, as well as the direct broadcast facilities.

The new generation of Agenda apps put QNA at the forefront of news agencies delivery of news with unique features designed to take maximum advantage of the latest generation of mobile devices.

The Apps uniquely provide real-time multimedia news to the public as well as additional news reports to different groups of registered users, including media subscribers, enterprise and government.

Qatar News Agency (QNA) was established in 1975 to be the first news agency providing comprehensive Gulf news coverage. Since then, QNA has invested in advanced technology for digital editorial as well as for news delivery, including video streaming, online publishing, social networks tools and media monitoring.

You can download the apps here


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