Cities of the past, present and future: Exploring urban photography

September 15, 2016 3:26 pm

Cities of The World photography exhibition at the American University in Dubai. (Image supplied)

There are truly cities of the past, the present and the future, and a new photography exhibition held held last week at the American University in Dubai was opened to drive home just that point.

The photographer behind the show is Constance Kratsa, who through her travels has focused on iconic buildings across six cities: Athens, Paris, London, New York, Dubai and Shanghai.

The exhibition houses pictures Kratsa took over the years in the cities she visited or lived in.

Constance Kratsa at her Cities of the World photography exhibition. (Image supplied)

Constance Kratsa at her Cities of the World photography exhibition. (Image supplied)

“It hit after a while [during] a trip to Dubai and Shanghai that I was actually focusing on buildings… I noticed they represent the future, then I looked back at other cities I lived in or visited and then came to realise the concept that there are cities of the past, cities of the present and cities of the future,” Kratsa said.

According to her, cities of the past include Athens and Paris, cities of the present are London and New York, while the cities of the future are in Dubai and Shanghai. Her personal realisation is a reflection of the progressive modernisation of the centers of the world, as she shares those views with many entities of different natures, especially businesses.

This is especially apparent in the businesses’ approach to invest in the MENA region, mainly in Dubai and in far Asia, mainly in Shanghai.

Professionally, Kratsa comes from a background of marketing and she has studied Law and Economics, but a long-lost dream seems to be driving her photographic behaviour.

“I actually wanted to be an architect, so I believe that desire may explain the urban approach to my photography… I don’t focus on humans, just buildings and structure,” she said.

Kratsa has already exhibited her collection in Athens and Paris and the collection also visited Dubai. In future, she is looking to take her travelling photography exhibition elsewhere.

Once the rotation is over, she aims to start a new project and further explore her passion in photography.

“I look at the cities, their identities and branding. To me, the landmarks of a city are like its logos,” she said, in reference to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Kratsa’s photos are not for sale, they are just there to “bring people together and exchange and discuss the art.”


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