Insta8 puts the focus on art and artists

December 19, 2015 10:35 am

The art scenario in Oman is currently thriving. On one hand, there are artists who have already established a name for themselves and others who are still trying to discover their signature style. But what is fascinating is that each one is creating something new and different without feeling the need to conform to any style, even though they may be influenced by it. It is one of the few places where you can acquire original works at very reasonable prices.

Within a short span of time, Muscat has seen many new art galleries emerging and even more art classes and exhibitions being held. Social groups formed by like minded enthusiasts have not been far behind. It was therefore a matter of time that Insta8 put the focus on varied forms of art.

For those who are new to the social media scene in Oman, Insta8 is when 8 motivators speak for 8 minutes in 8 moments addressing topics within the instagram sphere. It is an informal gathering where people gather to network, share abilities and skills and most important, to follow and get followed.

Fahmi Al Ma’awali, Owner of Eventus, who created this platform, said more and more people are using the web to display their art and are being spotted and picked up by the local galleries. “The social media is serving as a platform to resource, refine and present artists to the professional world… There were so many great artists who were nominated for Insta8 art and we couldn’t showcase all the amazing talent out there. Hence the next step for us in a few months time is to launch an Instagram Art Festival,” he added.

The event was supported by Sahtain who were the hospitality and catering partners of the event held at Bait Al Zubair.

Farah Asqul, Curator of Gallery Sarah said that Insta8 art is a great platform for the youth of Oman. “The art scene has come a long way and there are so many young artists in Oman who need a voice. As Oman’s premier museum we were a good pairing with Insta8 as we support so many different artists,” she added.

Sara Shabeer Ali, Marketing and social media in charge at Bait Al Zubair said that she personally has learnt so much about art from all the events and exhibitions that are happening. Additionally some great discoveries have been made like a 14 year old sculptor who participated in a talent show organised by Bait Al Zubair and won.

Gailani Ibrahim a speaker at the event and a regular on the art scene in Oman, said that art in the country is going through a transformation. He indicated that a fusion is emerging that needs to be encouraged and greater venues need to be available for young artists.


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