Cuban reminisce with Carlito Fuente

June 1, 2016 5:36 pm

Arturo Fuente cigar. (Image: supplied)

Carlito Fuente is the third generation overseeing a simple family business that is one of the largest independent producers of fine cigars today: Arturo Fuente Cigar Co.


While his life revolves around the luxury lifestyle, given what he does for a living, Carlito still maintains a very confident modesty about the cigar and the notion behind it, which – to him – is very sentimental.


Aficionado sat down with Carlito Fuente to talk cigars, lifestyle and the international brand Arturo Fuente Cigar Co. has become today.

What is a fine cigar to you?


Our family goes back 140 years and we are originally from Cuba, and this is the story of so many families who went to Florida to make cigars and help their families.


One thing that is very special about a cigar is that it embraces people. From the moment of its discovery, the cigar has been very cultural.


You can be from all walks of life, but a cigar brings people together; it is that bridge that embraces people and helps their differences melt. It is a luxury, not a necessity; it is a moment you choose to enjoy.


Who would enjoy a fine cigar, does it take a certain type of character?


People who enjoy cigars may also enjoy collecting fine watches or the finest automobiles; the finer things in life, in general.



You are quite passionate about cigars; they are part of your family heritage after all, but do you think cigars hold such value for people outside the few enclosed circles or communities?


The bond still exists, the only difference is that instead of that bond being, relatively speaking, your neighborhood, it now includes the world, thanks to social media and the Internet. The world has become closer and we are able to enjoy company through fine cigars.


Can you tell me how you have survived the advertisement ban and any other obstacles you have faced as a company?

There have been constant obstacles, everything you can imagine. There have been adversities, we have gone through fires, hurricanes, wars, revolutions and it has been very difficult.


When you are in the world of tobacco, you are in the world of agriculture, and you know that nature is something you pray to everyday to protect you and treat you well, because it could take everything from you at any moment.


While there are no advertisements and no commercials, there is no restriction to knowledge today, with the Internet and access to information. People search and find out about things.


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