Indigo Properties chief on defining luxury

January 14, 2014 7:21 am

Dev Maitra, CEO of Dubai-based Indigo Properties, takes a closer look at the term ‘luxury’ in order to find its true definition.

Luxury can entail various definitions for different people, with different cultures, socio-economic classes and other distinctive characteristics.

Therefore it may be considered an ambiguous term, and, at times, especially for individuals residing in major cities such as Dubai, where more than 200 nationalities coexist.

Starting with the clear link between luxury and uniqueness, Maitra says: “High-end buyers look for expert architecture, coupled with tropical and verdant landscaping that stand out from other property developments.” Dubai’s gated communities, which host dozens of superbly designed villas, offer just the right level of exclusivity and sense of privacy.

When it comes to design, Maitra almost offers a checklist of things needed to be found in a house to represent good design.

These include a designer pool, large windows allowing for natural sunlight to come in, well-equipped state of the art kitchen, a Smart home system, glass elevators, spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, where infinity baths and a Jacuzzi can be found, and maybe even throw a sauna in there.

These luxurious elements of a house are not just to show off, as houses that let in natural light and are surrounded by mesmerising views do play a strong role in improving moods, providing a Zen-like atmosphere and even increasing resale value.

Maitra even goes into design details, specifically noting “striated stone front fascia detailing, timber roof cornices and pergolas, textured wall paint and rustic-coloured roof tiles;” claiming that they add a distinctive element that make a house stand out, which is what high-end property buyers look for. Other natural elements like water, stone and sand are also recommended to up the value and uniqueness of a house.

Despite of the design, spaciousness is key. A design can be very minimal, but the space is what matters.

From his experience in the property field, Maitra finds that a “3,800 sq. ft. to 9,800 sq. ft. offers for a comfortable living.”

He finds that full-height windows and sliding doors leading to gardens and terraces ensure fresh air flow around all rooms of the house, while high ceilings allow for air to better circulate around, and natural stone flooring offers the calming, grounding effect.

Minimal designs have been quite popular with luxury buyers, as the open spaces almost allow for better breathing, while space wasters such as columns; long hallways and stairwells are usually a turn off.

Finally, Maitra insists that luxury must be green, as high-end buyers look for tropical and exotic scenes or landscapes to surround their houses.

They want “waterfalls, lakes, streams and fountains that are distributed throughout the environment,” he says, noting that these scenes please the eye, and provide for a little getaway from the hustle and bustle of a busy city like Dubai.

AMEinfo Staff
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