INFINITI Q60: ‘Daring’ to go

May 22, 2017 11:23 am

INFINITI has always impressed auto enthusiasts all over the world with their will to go the extra mile, ensuring that every model of their fleet is the perfect blend of luxury, elegance, individuality, power and advanced technology.

The launch of the INFINITI Q60 was no different: in fact, it raised the bar quite high as far as vehicle unveilings are concerned and quite literally made its mark on the landscape of Dubai.

We were there to cover INFINITI’s ‘Signature Drive’ campaign, wondering what novelty would blow our minds this time. So, when Lebanese-Dutch artist Tarek Atrissi made an appearance, we thought he was just along for the ride – again, quite literally.

Needless to say, we were wrong – in fact, there was no way we could predict what was going to happen.

Atrissi provided us with a brief on the routes to be covered by the stunning Q60 on this ‘Signature Drive’. The cars were soon ready to set off, with many of us wondering what an artist was doing giving directions for a test drive.

But soon the experience in the car took over: INFINITI’s flagship model, the Q60, boasting a 400-horsepower, 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine, with crimson sport brake calipers, an attractive exhaust tip design and 19-inch aluminum-alloy wheels encased in special summer performance tires, is definitely a sight and an experience we’re not likely to forget.

And when the delightful drive came to an end, there was Atrissi again, welcoming us back with a huge map of Dubai’s road network in front of us. But here’s the twist: the map then turned to be a canvas, on which the artist, often lauded as a creative genius, began to paint out the routes we had just traversed.

To say the end result was stunning would be the understatement of the month: as Atrissi painted over the routes, a word appeared. Arabic calligraphy spelled out a term that translates into English as “daring” – definitely the most apposite word to describe the event, the car, the artist and the city. A four-in-one smash win for INFINITI.

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