No matter how horrible your voice is, YOU can be a music star

May 4, 2018 11:40 am

We’ve all seen and laughed at contestants in American Idol and its Middle East version Super Star, amateurs thinking they were the next music prodigy, even after live and TV audiences burst into tears from laughter.

Well, they can laugh all they want, because a music app is threatening to make even the most atrocious of singers, global idols.

The Voice! Super Star! Move over, because here comes Humtap to the Middle East.

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A couple of steps and producers will come calling

Humtap allows you to create music just by humming and/or tapping.

Humtap is an innovative music generation Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) start-up and a music generative platform capable of creating infinite original music content, regardless of the user’s musical expertise.

Humtap has developed proprietary AI and machine learning models to mimic the musical style of virtually any band or artist, and able to generate an infinite volume of new original musical content, at a fixed cost, in minutes, not weeks.

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“Humtap users can then begin playing around with synthesizers, crafting melodies and beats, and even adding vocals. Once the project is complete, users can share their brilliance on the typical social channels, and even keep the song for separate use if they are musically-inclined,” according to Forbes.

“While the majority of users are sure to be those just wanting to have some fun with their social expression, there is already interest from some record labels.”

About time someone noticed your talent!

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Sing your heart out

Tamer Rashad, Founder, and CEO of Humtap said during a recent industry event: “By understanding the minds of music composers and producers through A.I., we turn your expressive voice into any music. We are very excited by the opportunities that will be created when we apply our technology to compose Arabic and Middle Eastern music,” said Rashad.

According to Al Arabiya, Rashad started working on the app in 2013 by assembling a 15-person team comprising PhD professionals from some of the world’s top institutes.

 “We created Humtap because we believe everyone is creative and enjoys connecting with others through user-generated content,” said Rashad.

“All of us are blessed with an expressive voice and we want to empower our users,” he added.

Al Arabiya reported him as saying: “The music that is created is completely original; we’re not using any samples or any libraries. The music is composed in real time, which is a complete scientific breakthrough, and never before achieved on a commercial level. It’s royalty-free with no copyright infringement,”


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