A scent of art: LOEWE 001

February 1, 2017 2:45 pm

* This is the brand’s first his and hers perfume

* Inspired by the work of German photographer Karl Bloosfeldt

* LOEWE’s mission is to connect culture through all its disciplines


A revived, revolutionary vision of a legendary photographer has inspired the creation of LOEWE 001, the first his and hers perfume from the Spanish brand, under the creative direction of Jonathan Anderson.

The brand always had a strong connection to art, since the early days of 1846, when artisans were crafting fine and elegant leather pieces in a little workshop in Madrid.

But for this perfume collection, the late German photographer, Karl Bloosfeldt, whose photographs served the purpose of seeking beauty in the form, structure and architecture of plants and flowers, inspired the new fragrances, which capture the essence of LOEWE’s roots and beginnings.

LOEWE 001 for her. (Image supplied)

LOEWE 001 for her. (Image supplied)

A natural study

Fascinated by nature in its rawest form, Blossfeldt build a wooden camera to observe and study plants in all their details. He used photography as a tool to pass his findings to students at the Berlin College of Art, where he taught drawing at the time.

Throughout his photographs, Blossfeldt reduced plants to their geometric forms, to grey-hued structures, turning them into standardised types that were manipulated to attain a sculptural quality; a breakthrough in botanical photography.

This made him a visionary and a forerunner of new artistic trends, such as Modernism, New Objectivity and Surrealism.


Connecting culture

With LOEWE 001, the brand opened up the door to a new chapter in its journey, moving forward in its mission to connect culture through all its disciplines, with a true, fascinating combination of art, science and artisan skill.

This, in a nutshell, sums up the fundamental relation between Loewe and art, and the unbreakable bond that connects the two. This bond is reflected in all of the brand’s creation, as art – in all forms – is and always will be a source of inspiration for the brand.


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