Tiziana Terenzi: Inheriting niche perfumery

March 6, 2017 5:48 pm

Paolo Terenzi creates a new sample perfume at a gathering in Dubai. (Image supplied)

On a recent visit to Dubai, Paolo Terenzi, the nose of the brand Tiziana Terenzi, had a small, private meet-up with media and selected guests, where he created a personalised perfume right in front of guests; he also announced the brand’s new fragrances.

Terenzi was born into an Italian family of perfumers. His grandfather Guglielmo and, later, his father, Evelino, both delved into the world of harmonising scents and creating balanced fragrances, a family practice that resulted in the creation of the brand Tiziana Terenzi, named after Paolo Terenzi’s sister. Today, the siblings carry the family legacy beyond the borders of Italy.


Assoluto Dubhe (100ml)

Assoluto is the latest addition to the iconic collection Tiziana Terenzi Luna. It is born from first memories, blending moments of life. The scented reflections are amplified into innovative and revolutionary structures of an unreleased matrix. Tensions, contrasts, dissonances and melodies are contained in a harmonic sequence of emotions, a privilege of the few refined connoisseurs really able to understand the essence of the new metre.


Eau De Parfum Saiph (100 ml)

The creation of this Extrait de Parfum was through a journey of exploration, recalling memories of childhood in the country. Sweet memories result in a warm embrace of vanilla amber and musk.  The top notes here include lemon, bergamot, rose and oxygyn; the middle notes include floral notes, greet notes, cedar, orris and passion fruit, while base notes include patchouli, vanilla, musk, vetiver and amber.


Eau de Parfum Tabit (100 ml)

This Extrait de Parfum is powerful but gentle, bewitching and definitely irresistible. Its top notes are sparkling and immediately playful; counterpoints of citrus and green leaves, reclining fresh and radiant on the sweetness of coconut and fisheries. The top notes for this fragrance include bergamot and green notes, the middle notes include coconut, peach and other floral notes, and the base notes include vanilla, musk, candy, woody notes and amber.


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