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September 6, 2011 12:48 pm

Fashion designer and business executive Jeremy Hackett talks to Aficionado about the birth of the Hackett brand and branching out in the future.
By Rania Habib

I do a thing every week called ‘Ask Jeremy’, where I answer questions on the Hackett website. Men are very concerned about getting it right: ‘What do I wear?’ ‘Can I wear brand shoes to work?’ ‘I’m getting married tomorrow, what do I wear?’ They’re all very basic things that I think most men know – but they don’t. So, I help them out.”

It’s plain to see why Jeremy Hackett is the go-to man for sartorial issues – he was the epitome of effortless, classic chic at the second Dubai British Polo Day, held last March. His manner is approachable, friendly, and always very exact, and having worked his way up the menswear fashion industry over the past four decades, he knows a thing or two about style.

The Hackett brand was born after the man behind it failed to make it through high school. “I was working in a tailor shop in Bristol when I was 16, and when I failed my exams, teachers said it would be better if I go seek my fortune elsewhere,” he recalls. “So I went to the tailor shop and asked if they would give me a full-time job, and they did. After a year, I felt it was a bit parochial, so I went to London to make my fortune. The first salary I had was four times what I was making in Bristol, so I was very excited, until I realised that it cost me three times as much to rent a flat!”

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