REVEALED: Top destinations Middle East travelers are looking for

June 12, 2018 8:00 am

An analysis of travel behavior in the Middle East and Africa has revealed shifting consumer preferences, offering insights to help marketers drive bookings and build brand loyalty with ever-increasing precision.

The analysis by Sojern’s Global Travel Insights Report: Issue 2, 2018 also shares insights on how to optimize your advertising efforts with key marketing takeaways.


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Looking Back

So want to learn more about how Middle Eastern & African travelers started their 2018? Read below to dig into search trends in January, February, and March. Highlights include:

– The Middle East and African travelers searched for last minute trips, with 36% of searches for departure dates a week or less from departure date.

– Mobile devices were the device of choice: 51% of searches were done on a mobile device, suggesting cross-device strategy is essential to reach these last-minute travelers at every point of their path to purchase.

– The Middle East and African travelers looked for quick getaways to start their new year—over one-third of travelers searched for short trips, looking to travel for a week or less.

Looking Forward

As the World Cup starts in June, we look at early searches for Q2 travel, including:


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– 41% of long-haul searches are for trips lasting 12 days or more—indicating the Middle East and African travelers are searching for trips with a longer duration than they did at the beginning of the year.

– Early planners are looking globally for their Q2 travel, searching for destinations such as Milan, Moscow, and Paris. Therefore, travel marketers should get their campaigns in front of travelers now as they begin their search.



As Ramadan ends on June 15 and the World Cup starts June 14, we see the Middle East and African travelers returning home to their families or gearing up for the games.


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Top searched departure dates are the June 13, 14, and 15, with Moscow making an appearance on the list of top destinations searched, Sojern research findings note.

What’s more, early planners are looking to explore European destinations like Paris and London before heading West for the games, extending the length of their trips.


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