The comeback of immersive theatre: Is Dubai the next Las Vegas? – Part I

June 21, 2018 8:00 am

Andy Levey, Head of Marketing at La Perle by Dragone, the immersive first-of-its-kind theatre in the GCC, speaks to AMEInfo on how he is going to market this novel concept in the region. This is the PART 1 of the interview. For PART 2 click here

What is the story behind the setting up of La Perle by Dragone theatre?

It began around 2011 when our CEO and Vice Chairman of Al Habtoor Group, Mohammed K Al Habtoor, travelled to Las Vegas and saw Franco Dragone’s show, “Le Réve”.

It inspired him to bring a permanent resident show here in Dubai – he couldn’t understand how it had never been done before, in a city that has everything – stunning beaches, record-breaking malls, and endless fine-dining options.


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He knew there was only one person who could create a show that would amaze audiences from around the world, while in-keeping with the spirit of Dubai, Franco Dragone.

They brought Franco out to Dubai in 2013 and agreed to a deal.

Four years later, in August 2017, the immersive first-of-its-kind La Perle theatre came into being, offering a new form of entertainment to the people of the GCC and becoming a trendsetter in this region.

What are the strategies you’re adopting to attract customers?

Awareness is the most important element in the GCC.

This is a new form of entertainment for the region and we have to educate consumers that a resident show is something that is permanent and designed to become a tourist destination and a point of pride for locals.

It is also important to establish a connection between La Perle and the audience. Having said that, we want to be a part of every resident and tourist’s bucket list.


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The city of Dubai is superlative in every sense of the term — be it the tallest building, largest mall, super luxurious hotels and the list goes on.

We want to give that same amount of grandeur to the people who visit the theatre.

We also try to make sure that people get to know about the artists performing on the stage as well as offstage.

When viewers see the performers on stage, often they are left unaware of the story behind the story, the people working behind-the-scenes and the amount of work they do to put on the show twice a night, five nights a week.

Have you launched any marketing campaigns? If so, what’s the most preferred channel?

We’ve launched a few campaigns. We had our launch campaign and have an always-on campaign, as well as mini-tactical campaigns for regions and holidays.


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Digital is the most effective channel when it comes to campaigns because today everyone is extremely tech-savvy and spends most of their time online, so the easiest way to connect to the people is through digital media.

It’s also the most easily tracked in terms of results – we don’t know for certain how many people have seen a billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road or an advert in a magazine – while those are a part of the mix, we can easily retrieve the statistics of how many people have clicked on a website post or engaged on Instagram.

For PART 2 of the interview, click here


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