Listen to these top 5 songs to enhance your work performance

October 13, 2017 3:00 pm

Most popular songs

Are you having a hard time concentrating at work? Then, you need to be tuned in, that is all.

A research released Wednesday by LinkedIn and Censuwide, which specializes in surveys for the PR industry and is designed to dispel traditionally negative notions about playing music while working, said that many workers thought that listening to music at work helped them feel better while working, especially classical music.

Why is music good to the ears?

1- Almost half of the workers think that music helps them concentrate and stay focused as well as motivated.

2- Half of the workers argue that it helps them keep calm.

3- Over a quarter of workers admit that they play music to drown out the sound of their fellow colleagues.

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Which songs topped the charts?

Luis Fonsi’s Despacito has been voted the UAE’s favourite song to get ready for a day at work.

Here are the top 5 songs

1- Despacito – Luis Fonso

2- Work – Rihanna

3- Lose Yourself – Eminem

4- Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

5- Dreams – The Cranberries

What are the 3 least popular songs? 

1- Wonderwall – Oasis

2- Waves – Mr. Probz

3- She Works Hard For The Money – Donna Summer

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Dana Halawi
By Dana Halawi
Senior Journalist
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