Sky News Arabia commences broadcasting via Sling TV to viewers in US

January 18, 2016 11:12 am

Nart Bouran, CEO, Sky News Arabia

Sky News Arabia has started live broadcasting via Dish Network/Sling TV to audiences in the United States, from December 2015.

Sling TV is a DISH Network service that provides the opportunity for Sky News Arabia’s viewers in the US to subscribe to an available online package and receive live streams of the channel’s political, economic, and social programmes including talk shows.

Nart Bouran, CEO, Sky News Arabia, announced the service through his official Twitter account @NartBouran.

Commenting on the move, Bouran said: “Sky News Arabia is now one of the channels included in Sling TV’s roster for online subscribers. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to enhance our digital media footprint. Given the large number of media platforms available today and taking into account media consumption trends, we continually endeavour to broadcast across every available platform in order to appeal to the tastes and formats of varied audiences.”

“This new service will allow our viewers in the US to watch Sky News Arabia live on smart devices as well as television. It also complements our existing offerings via satellite TV, website, social media, smart mobile applications, and live broadcasting on six major international airlines,” he added.

Bouran further added: “The ability to connect with a wider audience through unique digital formats also reaffirms our commitment to up our game and continue delivering quality and credible content that can sustain high viewership.”

Sling TV is a new service that was launched earlier this year and is available only in the United States. It provides an alternative to subscribing to cable television services.

Sling TV offers live online broadcasting, enabling subscribers to watch their favourite TV programs on smart mobile devices and television. Viewers can watch Sky News Arabia in addition to other channels for a nominal monthly fee through creating an account on the Sling TV app.


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