‘I am the law’: Real lawyers answer your queries on Lexxplain

February 18, 2016 6:16 pm

Lexxplain is a new online portal allowing legal queries to be answered by real lawyers in the UAE.

A new online portal, Lexxplain, launched aiming to answer all the questions related to the laws in the UAE, by “real lawyers.”

Leading law firms of the UAE attending the website’s soft launch event, held at the JW Marriott Marquis hotel in Dubai on January 31st.

“We are a SAAS based startup, we want to utilise digital tech and connect those who have a question with those who have the answer – the right answer,” Moiz Sitabkhan, Technical Co-founder at Lexxplain, said.

In a statement, Lexxplain’s team explains the objective of the website.

“Whether someone has just arrived in the emirate or is setting up a new business, there are always variety of legal questions about what to do and how to get it done. Lexxplain offers a much-needed alternative as it has the expertise – with the network of top qualified lawyers on board to explain the law,” the statement read.

The areas where legal question prevail may vary, and Lexxplain has large scale of areas where questions can be answered, for both businesses and individuals

“Whether the question if from a stakeholder in a company, a general counsel in a corporate setting or a key decision maker in an organisation, Lexxplain speaks to all,” Aparajita Kapoor, Marketing and Operations Co-Founder at Lexxplain, said.

Some of the categories for Business include: Company Formation and Setup, Banking and Finance, Labour Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Dispute Resolution, among others.

Meanwhile, individuals can ask questions on family laws, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Inheritance, Labour Law, among others.

Users can view others’ questions, can follow a question they find interesting, meet the lawyers, and vote on the best answers.

“It is also an invaluable opportunity for he UAE lawyers to bolster their professional web presence as we crafted Lexxplain in a unique way to upscale their search engine rankings, which offers limitless opportunities to build long-term relationships in global markets,” Kapoor added.

While Lexxplain started from the UAE, it will not stop there.

“We want to focus on the UAE first, and plan to scale out towards the Middle East,” Diana Bayzakova, co-founder of Lexxplain, said.




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