Not to miss: UAE’s top tweet, retweets and hashtags of 2017

December 5, 2017 3:15 pm

As we reach the end of 2017, Twitter is reflecting on the year that was: from breaking news, to entertainment, sports, and local conversations.

UAE’s Most Retweeted

In 2017, the most Retweeted Tweets in UAE were related to HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s (@HHShkMohd) Tweets congratulating the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt for qualifying for the 2018 World Cup:

Another top Tweet for the UAE was also by @HHShkMohd who Tweeted on the occasion of HH Sheikh Zayed’s birthday:

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UAE’s Top Trends

2017 was an exciting year for the United Arab Emirates; where several events and announcements took place exclusively on Twitter.

People continued to witness only-on-Twitter moments when His Highness Sheikh Mohammed (@HHShkMohd) leveraged the power of the platform to announce the UAE cabinet restructure through a series of Tweets.

Through Twitter, @HHShkMohd announced the inauguration of two new ministries; Ministry of Artificial Intelligence as well as a Ministry of Food Security, as well as UAE’s commitment to joining the global effort to send humans to Mars — a testimonial to how Twitter has been embraced by leaders to keep the public informed about what’s happening.

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The region also witnessed the launch of the “Retweets Challenge”.

Carter Wilkerson’s (@carterjwm) call for a year’s supply of free nuggets from @Wendys was heard around the globe, and became the most Retweeted Tweet with 3.6 million Retweets, surpassing Ellen’s infamous selfie as the most Retweeted Tweet of all time.

The trend continued and spread across the MENA region, where Dubai-based banker @HSajwanization asked to take 25 orphans to the movies, with several brands joining the conversation to support the cause:

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Below are some of the top trending hashtags and handles in the UAE:

Top National hashtags:

  1. عام_الخير# (Year of Giving)
  2. يوم_العلم# (Flag Day)
  3. عام_زايد# (Year of Zayed)
  4. اليوم_الوطني# (National Day)

Top Sports hashtags:

  1. دوري_الخليج_العربي# (Arabian Gulf League)
  2. الهلال# (Al Hilal)
  3. ريال_مدريد# #halamadrid (Real Madrid)
  4. برشلونة# (Barcelona FC)

Top Football Team handles:

  1. @Alainfcae (Al Ain Football Club)
  2. @ManUtd (Manchester United Football Club)
  3. @AlWaslSC (Al Wasl Soccer Club)
  4. @AlWahdaFCC (Al Wahda Football Club)

Top Arab Celebrity handles:

  1. @AhlamAlShamsi (Emirati singer)
  2. @Nadinenjeim (Lebanese actress)
  3. @elissakh (Lebanese singer)
  4. @MohammedOSaad (Egyptian singer)

Top International Celebrity handles:

  1. @Aldenrichards02 (Alden Richards: Filipino actor)
  2. @Iamsrk (Shah Rukh Khan: Indian actor)
  3. @Harry_Styles (English singer)
  4. @justinbieber (American singer)


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