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‘The age of mobile advertising optimisation is upon us’

February 9, 2014 6:02 am

Reports by Addictive Mobility and RBBi reveal its potential for growth in the GCC region



The year 2014 is poised to be the year that mobile becomes a mainstream marketing solution, according to the 2013 Insights Report on Mobile and 2014 Mobile Trends Report, both of which were released today by digital agency, RBBi and international mobile advertising solutions company, Addictive Mobility, respectively.

“Consumer adoption of smartphones and tablets is now ubiquitous. The numbers are just too large for brands to ignore and 2014 will likely be the tipping point, with companies seriously embracing mobile,” states Addictive Mobility’s report.

Mobile media consumption has doubled in the past three years, whereas 82 per cent of post-click interaction is for embedded videos.

“Although the methodology by which the calculation of mobile ad spend ROI is still up for debate, what is evident is that users now control how they interact with brands on their mobile devices,” says Naveed Ahmad, CEO of Addictive Mobility.

Emerging markets, such as the GCC region, are showing extraordinary interest in mobile advertising. The GCC region is showing a post-click interaction average that is six times higher than the US average, with Saudi Arabia leading post-click engagement, impressions and unique users.

Furthermore, smartphone and tablet adoption is on the rise. In most markets, they represent more than 50 per cent of media engagement. “The year 2013 saw a significant increase in specific verticals that were spending on mobile advertising, however many brands are yet to adopt the ‘mobile-first’ strategy,” adds Ahmad.

When it comes to in-app advertising, Addictive Mobility’s report reveals that Android performed slightly better than iOS in click-through rates and post-click engagement.

However, challenges still remain, as creative is not innovating exclusively for mobile capabilities and technologies. Moreover, publishers and exchanges need to accept more innovation on creative work, since there’s no uniform method to traffic mobile campaigns.

Both reports conclude that for mobile ad spend to continue its exponential growth, every campaign should have an array of reporting tools, so that there is a clear path to improve engagement and performance.