Al-Bayan unveils its new encyclopedia book “Live from the Emirates: UAE Media History Uncovered”

May 21, 2014 4:42 pm

As part of the events associated with the 13th Arab Media Forum, Al-Bayan newspaper unveiled today in a press conference its newly released book “Live from the Emirates: UAE media History Uncovered.”

Dhaen Shaheen, CEO of publishing sector at Dubai Media Incorporated, said on this occasion: The book “Live from the Emirates: UAE Media History Uncovered”, published by Al-Bayan, takes the reader on a pleasant journey through a rich collection of research information. Going through its pages, the reader will find high-quality images, infographics and illustrations, statistical data, graphical models, and documents which lead him towards his target smoothly and easily.

He added: “The release of this book fills an urgent need for those who are involved in the media sector. This is due to the modesty of our local library’s holdings of books that follow up the history of media in the UAE, and its rapid developments at all levels”.

He also said: “Today we live in an impressive information age, the likes of which the world has never witnessed before. Throughout the ages, there has never been such huge amount of information and sources available to the people, and sorting information never posed such a challenge. Today, publishing and retrieving what had been published is easy, feasible, and accessible almost to anyone. The credibility of the available information, however, is what confuses everyone.”

In her turn, Muna Bu Samra, Arab Media Forum and DPC Manager, said that DPC cooperation with Al-Bayan newspaper in launching this important book is in line with the Club’s strategy of supporting efforts that aim at introducing people to the history of our local media, and spreading the benefit of sharing the valuable information, especially so since it comes from a reliable source.”

She added: “We hope that this book represents an important reference to all those who are interested in the details of our local media, and the readers at large. We do appreciate all the efforts exerted by Al-Bayan in order to release this book”.

The book “Live from the Emirates: UAE Media History Uncovered” takes the reader on a visual journey through some of the most fascinating aspects of local and regional media history. It tells the story of how the Emirates embraced modern media; a story best told not just by explaining some of the fundamentals of the sector, but also by delving into the UAE’s nascent media archives and by introducing some of the industry’s pioneers, letting them talk about their own experiences in this field.

The book “Live from the Emirates: UAE Media History Uncovered” is divided into three main chapters: Chapter one – Gulf Media on the Rise, chapter two – UAE Media History, and chapter three – – Media Pioneers.

The first chapter (Gulf Media on the Rise) provides a regional context by highlighting some of the key characteristics of the issues affecting media in the Arab Gulf countries. Topics covered: traditional forms of communication, translational newspapers, women in media, intellectual property, Arabizi, media cities, TV audience research, Arab comics and cartoons
The second chapter (UAE Media History) casts light on some of the most significant developments in local media history, including how different branches of the industry evolved over time. Topics covered: print media, radio, television, digital media, UAE media law.

Chapter three (Media Pioneers) presents full-length interviews with some of the UAE’s pioneering media professionals, who bring media history to life, by sharing anecdotes and advice. The book includes interviews with Mohammed Ahmed Al Murr, former editor of Al Bayan and Khaleej Times; Hessa Alossaily, the first Emirati woman in radio and television; Bilal Al Budoor, pioneering author and cultural figure; Mona Al Marri, first female head of Dubai Government Media Office;; Abla Al Nowais, one of the UAE’s first female journalists; Zaki Nusseibeh, one of the first foreign correspondents in the UAE; Ahmed Salem, one of the first Emirati presenters.

The material in the book is drawn from a wide range of references, books, archive documents, high quality images from the following sources: “Al-Bayan Archive”, “Bahrain in the Press of the Past, 1899-1999”, by Sager Bin Abdulla Al-Maawda, British Petroleum Archive, DMI Archive, Dubai Cultural and Scientific Association, National Centre for Documentation and Research, twofour54 media zone in Abu Dhabi.

The book “Live from the Emirates: UAE Media History Uncovered” was prepared by a group of researchers. It is made up of 192 large-sized colored pages, and includes 240 photos and 13 infographics.