Alarab News Channel appoints raft of regional broadcast talent

July 23, 2014 10:39 am

Aweek after Alarab News Channel announced that Laila Al Sheikhly had joined the channel’s news team, Tarek Alaas has followed from BBC Arabic.

Tarek Alaas has 16 years’ experience as a broadcast journalist. Most recently, he worked at BBC Arabic as a news and programmes anchor, but prior to that he worked with MBC as a presenter and producer.

Alarab News Channel has also announced the appointment of a number of other young, aspiring broadcast journalists to join its news programing team from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and other neighboring countries. The appointment of Weam Abdulaziz Al Dakheel, Abdulla Al Muslimani, Noor Al Sheikh, and Abdulla Al Sabaie are part of the channel’s commitment to offering a new generation of talented Arab journalists, technicians and production staff the platform to shine.

They join the station as Alarab begins an intensive, one-month training schedule for all editorial staff in preparation for launch. News staff, presenters, producers, journalists and reporters from all around the world will undergo an exhaustive curriculum designed to ensure Alarab delivers on its mission to give viewers a completely fresh approach to news in the region. The trainers include Alarab News Channel faculty staff, lecturers from Academie France International and Bloomberg, who will ensure staff adhere to the very highest standards of unbiased and professional journalism.

Alarab News Channel, which begins broadcasting later this year, will provide news in a modern and distinctive style.

Jamal Khashoggi, editor-in-chief of Alarab TV, commented, “One of our goals for the channel is to give the outstanding talent of the region a platform to show off their skills and create a lasting legacy in the region; a channel that is not only changing the way news is made but helping build a new generation of broadcasting talent. We are delighted to be able to welcome all four of these talented journalists to our team.”