looks back at 2013 and promises an exciting and revolutionary 2014: ‘Last year was big. This year is even bigger’

January 30, 2014 1:30 pm hosted a press conference that talked about all the new activities. has, since early 2013, undergone massive changes including a complete overhaul of their website and the launch of several new services and the addition of celebrities to the curatorial staff of the website. Speakers included Mostafa Kamel, Shereen Mitwali, and Wadih el Najjar.

Mostafa Kamel, Managing Director of LINKonLINE, described the talk and its aims: “We have been busy making even more relevant to our readers and our audience, and now that we have a moment to take it all in and plan 2014, we thought we should share with you what has happened so far and fill you in on a few of our future plans.”

During his talk, he shared the early success of the relaunch of 2013 and its eager initial ambitions: “As part of always offering the latest and the best, reinvented itself to give you more of the things you’ve always loved about it in a better package. With the relaunch of as a touch friendly, highly socially integrated page, there’s more to the whole experience and the new look and feel comes with a host of additional features we’re sure our visitors will love. Since the revamp, our numbers have shot up: from an average of 5 million page views a month in the first quarter of 2013 to an average of over 12 million in the second quarter, increasing substantially every month. With almost 1 million unique visitors monthly, increasing at an average of almost 20% a month, and with a bounce rate decreased by 5%, we’re on the right track, socially and regionally.”

Shereen Mitwali, the highly renowned icon who is now one of the two Faces of, alongside celebrity photographer and socialite Wadih El Najjar, spoke shortly about her excitement in her recent role: “I’ve always taken pride in women’s place as strong forces of growth in the Arab world and the beauty of successful stories in their ability to help other women excel. Having’s immense platform as a sounding board for great women from around the region has been a great honour and a wonderful experience, and I hope to get the opportunity to do more over time.”

Meanwhile, Wadih El Najjar was equally excited to be able to spread the love his lens provides across the realm of the Arab social universe, describing his work with in a brief speech: “This is not just a portal and it’s not simply about providing exhilarating content, but actually using it as a catalyst to transform and enrich lives. This has been a thrilling challenge, and I am delighted to be working with style-savvy thought leaders who have years of experience in the region and globally. The behind-the-scenes first-hand taste of the elite lifestyles of the region have been my specialty, and working with has been a pleasure and an enriching experience.”

Mr. Kamel summed up the whole experience of 2013 and the early plans of 2014 very concisely: “From the gamification systems that we’ve put into place to the various touch points and the refreshed design, and especially our social integration, we plan on branching out to give our visitors access to everything they need and truly become their news and information portal online. We’ll be doing even more in 2014: developing our Sports channel, especially with the upcoming World Cup; growing our Women channel, giving entertainment, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle more depth and richness than ever before; remaking our Automotive channel, from the ground up, not just cosmetically; building on our Travel channel, to add more usability, flexibility, and deals to it all. Last year was big. This year is even bigger.”

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