ArpuPlus relaunches Mazika

June 2, 2014 2:23 pm

Arpuplus announced the relaunch of Mazika, the first digital music portal in MENA in the form of an online music store and mobile application. Mazika is a 360-degree music experience across web, mobile and TV that is revolutionizing the web and mobile Arab music experience. Mazika currently holds the biggest content catalogue of Arab music available from the region’s top content providers, with over 14.000 content pieces for free streaming and download.

“We are very proud of this venture, as it has proven to be a phenomenal success,” said Moustapha, Mazika Brand Manager, who added that “we’ve managed to top iTunes chart in Egypt after only 24 hours from release, leading Application Charts as number 1. In addition to that, in less than 5 days from the release, we received 40,000 application downloads from iOS & Andriod stores in Egypt, achieved 1 million screen views and had 880,000 songs streamed,” he added.

As part of its new features, Mazika makes use of the latest online media technologies to offer users the opportunity to easily find latest music titles, share them with friends, create customized playlists and set the tracks as their Ring Back Tone, whether through their smartphones or through Mazika’s website. With the biggest catalog of Arabic music in the market (including around 8000 Arab singers) on Mazika, users can find different musical genres from Lebanese, or North African, to “Shaabi” and “Khaligy”. Moreover, there are daily lists for each mood that the user can modify and personalize.

According to Moustapha, “While physical music revenues are declining by around 5% annually, digital music revenues are increasing at around 25% annually. This paves the way for personal, mobile, immersive music experiences like Mazika tailored to the Arab users taste and lifestyle.”

Adham El Gazzar, ArpuPlus Managing Director, said, “As the biggest content aggregator in MENA, ArpuPlus has a long term partnership with Arab’s most prestigious music labels. Also, local music providers give Mazika the privilege to compile the strongest music catalogue across the region.” Mr.El Gazzar concluded, “Arpuplus realizes that consumer lifestyles have changed dramatically due to the increasing influence of the digital world. In addition to that, smartphone penetration and broadband boom is creating an attractive market for digital music. We understand this trend and adapt to provide the best experience for users.”