B4U Aflam goes big in KSA

November 3, 2014 10:18 am

B4U Network, an Indian media company controlled by Lakshmi Mittal, the steel magnate, ventured last year into Pan Arab TV channel space with the launch of B4U Aflam . B4U Aflam carries Bollywood content customized for Arabs living in Saudi Arabia and rest of MENA.

“B4U Aflam is one of the fastest growing channels in the Arabic space, thanks to the innovative marketing and programming strategies which we were able to execute in a very short span of time.” says Zeeshan Sajid Amin, Business Head , B4U Aflam.

Speaking more about programming strategies Ashok Shenoy, Head of International Business for B4U Network added: “For us, our name itself has Bollywood in it. We say ‘B4U Aflam – We live it’ because that’s exactly what we do – we live movies. We understand Bollywood better; as this is our core business “. Unlike of its competitors, B4U Network was started in London and was specially created for the international market.

On the recent special execution on the biggest LED screen in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia , Zeeshan comments “Taking over the biggest outdoor site in KSA was part of our strategy ;to think pro-active and much ahead of competition.”

B4U Aflam is the first movie channel to advertise on the most prestigious and the biggest outdoor space of KSA located in Jeddah also referred as one of the biggest in the world.

“With competition getting aggressive, it is very important for us to continuously keep on coming up with new and never-done-before sort of ideas to keep on attracting viewers. I am really proud on the response which we have received from our viewers and we will continuously strive to adapt aggressive strategies in future to ensure we meet expectations of our fans.” adds Zeeshan.

B4U Network is a 24/7 Bollywood Network and this is what makes it different than the existing competition in the market. B4U network was incorporated in 1999 and launched B4U Music and B4U Movies simultaneously in UK. B4U network is one of the pioneers when it comes to Bollywood content outside of India, it has a huge Library of the most renowned productions of classics and new Indian cinema, making the network one of the most prominent Bollywood channels outside of India.

The channel is available on OSN, STC, DU and Etisalat. As well the viewers can receive B4U Aflam through frequency 12418 on Nilesat.