Bollywood star Anil Kapoor launches major entertainment venture

April 12, 2014 4:02 pm

Famous actor and film producer Anil Kapoor has launched a global media and entertainment company, it was announced. Antila Ventures as the company is known is domiciled in the UK and is targeting its subsidiaries and offices in strategic locations like London, Dubai, Singapore and Los Angeles.

The star of several hit films, Anil Kapoor said, “I have long nurtured a dream of creating a global Entertainment Company. Given my vast experience in the Indian film industry and exposure in recent years in Hollywood, I felt the time was right to give shape and structure to this vision.”

Kapoor established an association with MAS Clearsight Limited, an investment banking advisory firm regulated by the DFSA and based out of Dubai International Financial Center that was mandated to provide arrangement and strategic advisory services.

Speaking on behalf of MAS Clearsight Limited, Anish Bhatia (CEO & Founding Member) said, “Mr. Kapoor and MAS worked as a team to put a strategy and structure in place leading to the formation of Antila Ventures. MAS Clearsight within its global network and through its clients has arranged to seed this venture referring strategic investors.”

Antila Ventures intends to build on its founder’s core strength as a content producer and create a library of mainstream content for film & television.

Projects that will immediately go into production under Antila’s Film & TV verticals are:

• 24 Season 2: After the huge success of the Indian adaptation of season 1, the Company will begin production of Season 2 from May 2014. The show will again see Anil Kapoor reprise the role of ATU chief Jai Singh Rathod racing against time to save the nation from a terrorist plot of extraordinary scale.

• 7 Hindustani: a charming and light-hearted coming of age story about seven Indian college freshmen studying in the United States, this film will be shot in fall 2014.

• Battle for Bittora: an adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s best-seller, the film is contemporary romance-drama set against the backdrop of elections in North India. Enlivened by Anuja Chauhan’s characteristic brand of wicked humor and romanticism, this is a rollicking new tale of Young India.

Bringing to the table his reputation and standing in the film business and his experience in India and Hollywood, Anil Kapoor said, “Creating such an institution and making it a state of the art content provider has always been an enterprise close to my heart. I now feel the time is right, the market is vibrant and the audiences primed for selective and intelligent content. The way I see it, people will not settle for any old stuff, there is too much to choose from and a professional provider becomes vital in the chain so that the end-user gets the best options.”

Antila also intends to set up a world-class studio facility on the outskirts of Mumbai. Kapoor explains, “The Indian film industry is in dire need of good infrastructure and the company intends to plug this gap by collaborating with studios of international repute to bring the best studio infrastructure to Bollywood. Having acquired land, the Company intends to develop the property soon.”

Adjuncts will include a talent agency to scout for fresh faces and create a new level of professionalism between studios and performers and behind the camera experts. Antila also has the ambitious plan of setting up a library of content to exploit the growing new media market through strategic partnerships with young content creators and distribution platforms such as YouTube. Youth is a prime target for the texture of the content and Kapoor feels strongly that it is the young who will dictate trends in the future.

Antila Ventures in association with MAS Clearsight Ltd. aims to attract institutional players like funds focusing on media and entertainment for Series B funding. Eventually the Company is targeting an IPO sometime in 2019-2020.