Chain Reaction launches China-­?Russia Connect in Dubai

March 11, 2014 1:02 pm

Chain Reaction, a member of Yamondo, the Global performance Alliance announced the registration of China-­?Russia Connect 2014 is now open. The Gateway to over 600 million active online users across China and Russia is presented by Chain Reaction along with its partners and other regional companies all of whom are looking to expand their digital footprint in both China and Russia.

Commenting on the 1st of its kind conference in Dubai, Saif Jarad, Managing Director, Chain Reaction Performance Marketing, “Over the last few years, the Middle East in particular the UAE has seen significant rises in the numbers of visitors and investors from China and Russia across all sectors primarily in the luxury, property and investment sectors. Our clients have been coming to us to find better communication solutions to reach the Chinese and Russians given the language barrier and the fact that Google doesn’t penetrate in these markets like the rest of the World. We also wanted to be able to reach the consumers at their doorstep while they are planning their trip/s as opposed to when they are already here.”

“The conference aims to break down the barriers to international expansion and create business development opportunities through Baidu and Yandex, the Google’s of China and Russia” said Lana Baddar, Business Development Manager, Chain Reaction. She added, “You will learn firsthand from leading experts in online marketing on how to connect and engage directly with over 600 Million online consumers in two of the World’s largest markets; China and Russia!” Over 75 key decision makers from media agencies, hospitality sector (hotels and airlines), tourism, luxury retailers, real estate developers will attend the 1-­?day conference.

The China – Russia Connect conference will take place in the “Exquisite Conference Room” at the Conrad Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai on Wednesday, 12th March from 8.30am to 3pm (Networking lunch at 2pm). The conference is an invitation only on a 1st come 1st served basis so to apply for an invite.