entourage launches marketing campaign for future marketeers

May 17, 2014 9:47 am

entourage marketing & events, a leading communication agency in the Middle East, has launched a campaign to help students in the marketing field understand the industry they will soon be joining. The campaign, which began with a talk at the American University of Sharjah and will extend to other universities, will highlight and explore the opportunities of integrated communications in the Middle East. The aim of this campaign is to help students understand the dynamic media industry in the UAE and explain to students the practical uses of the theories they study in class.

entourage marketing & event’s chief, Mohammed Tayem, has decided to launch the campaign following the concern that there is a large gap between the expectations of students, the curriculums they study and what the industry truly needs. Tayem explained, “It is extremely important that we help these students understand what the market expects of them, and to involve them in the industry even before they graduate. The aim of this campaign is to provide a better understanding of the market, which helps students, but also helps us in the industry when students understand not only their role as marketeers, but how the different marketing tools need to work together.”

entourage, one of the region’s first live communication agencies, has coined the term “live communications” to the integrated marketing approach, which has become an extremely important approach to the market. Because the term and approach are relatively new, many university curriculums have not yet implemented it. entourage hopes to play a role in helping students understand the importance of the different marketing tools working together under one umbrella of marketing, be it public relations, advertising or corporate events.

Assistant Professor HaniaNashef, at the American University of Sharjah, commented on the launch of the campaign at AUS, “I have indeed noticed that many of our students aren’t completely aware of what the market needs. For example, many of them are underestimating the need for bilinguals and strong Arabic copywriters, although we reinforce it as professors. To have a professional working in the industry bring the picture into focus will be beneficial for our students. I believe such campaign would create a solid foundation for fresh graduates.”