Eyefi delivers any camera, any photo, anywhere solution

January 10, 2015 9:38 am

Eyefi, the global leader in digital camera connectivity and photo syncing, released new features and functionality that make its suite of photography apps and cloud services indispensable to photo hobbyists.

Eyefi provides a comprehensive solution that gives photographers the freedom to choose their favorite camera, the exact moment they want to capture, and the freedom to access photo, anytime, and anywhere.

Eyefi is the first company to deliver a seamless solution for taking photos with DSLR, WiFi and smartphone cameras that automatically organizes and syncs pictures across mobile devices and desktops as soon as the picture is taken. Additionally, with its latest release of Eyefi Cloud, photographers can easily sync their entire history of computer-stored photos into Eyefi Cloud and enjoy a simple, elegant and visually engaging photo collection – always organized, up-to-date and accessible on any device.

“Our customers want to focus on photography rather than on the details of photo management,” said Sam Hui, VP of Product Management at Eyefi.

“We are extremely pleased to offer photographers an engaging and integrated photography experience for all their cameras and photos so they can continue taking great pictures and enjoy them whenever they choose and wherever they may explore.”

On the heels of a partnership with Olympus Imaging Corporation, where Eyefi’s photo syncing and management solutions will be offered with WiFi cameras that include Olympus OM-D and Olympus PEN, Eyefi brings new features to market for helping photographers take great pictures everywhere.

Eyefi Cloud customers will benefit from Eyefi’s newest photo uploader functionality that gives users the power to transfer existing photos from a PC to Eyefi Cloud for unlimited syncing. According to Suite48Analytics, 47% of people still use the PC as their primary photo hub, making those photos difficult to access on a tablet or other mobile device. With the photo uploader, pictures are easily sent to Eyefi Cloud and instantly synced to all devices. This makes the entire collection of photos accessible anytime on tablets, phones or any web-enabled device. Photographers can create albums with ease and share photos with friends and family.

Additional features include:
? Enhance and organize on the spot
? Preview all photos, make adjustments – crop, rotate, or organize them with tags or create albums using a phone, computer or tablet.
? Learn and improve
? See what camera settings (EXIF visualization) were used to create the perfect picture.
? View and find photos by camera
? Browse photos by camera type to quickly find the best ones.
? Enjoy every shot, everywhere
? Sync photos to other devices automatically for instant access whenever and wherever; even offline.

Eyefi Cloud, launched worldwide last year, can be used both with and without the EyefiMobiWiFi SD Card and is the only photo cloud service that works with smartphone, WiFi and DSLR cameras from the moment of capture, automatically syncing photos across all devices as soon as a picture is taken. With Eyefi Cloud all pictures are instantly available on any device without the need for merging, e-mailing files or manual transfer.

To further simplify photo management Eyefi is making APIs available for Eyefi Cloud customers to personalize their workflow. With these APIs, photographers can customize the photo upload and download functions, automate tagging and create custom photo searches. These powerful personalized features will help photographers streamline their processes and allow them to focus on what they do best: Take unforgettable photos.