Fifty-one companies nominated for Service Hero’s 2014 Customer Satisfaction Award

January 27, 2015 10:47 am

Service Hero, Kuwait’s only annual customer satisfaction index, today revealed the top three companies nominated in each of the 17 industry categories during the assessment Sampling Phase. A total of 51 companies have been nominated of which 17 will be awarded for their excellence during the awards ceremony taking place on February 16th 2015 at the Symphony Styles Hotel.

During the Sampling Phase, a record 25,216 assessments were collected, a figure which reflects 124% growth since 2010. Phone based assessments comprised 35% of the sample, while 65% of assessments were collected via the Service Hero homepage and smartphone applications. After conducting a rigorous data authentication protocol to ensure that each and every record is valid, only 19,583 assessments were validated. During the 2014 assessment, a change in methodology when calculating categories and country scores was introduced to ensure higher accuracy by giving each brand and each category one weight in the calculation. Based on the weighted index, Overall satisfaction stands at 7.93 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, and witnessed a 5% improvement since 2010, an average of 1% per year.

Faten Abu-Ghazaleh, Service Hero President, said: “As the countdown for the awards ceremony begins, we are pleased to announce the nominees for winning first place in the 2014 customer satisfaction assessment. 51 nominees out of 324 companies in 17 categories will be recognized for their excellence in our annual awards ceremony in a prestigious event taking place on February 16th, at the Symphony Styles Hotel. This year’s ceremony will also witness the celebration of Service Hero’s fifth anniversary and will mark of the company’s achievements and accomplishments over the past five years. We will also be rewarding companies who have managed to retain their leading first place position for five consecutive years”

The 2015 assessment is now available on the company’s website, through social media channels and also as a smartphone application. Customers can now vote throughout the year, providing them with even more time to record and express their experiences and rate the services and products they are using and purchasing.

Each industry category was measured across up to eight service dimensions, which are reliability, speed, product quality, staff quality, value for money, location, call center and website quality. These dimensions are assessed on a ‘before and after experience’ basis to evaluate the difference between customer expectations of service and actual satisfaction with the service.
Service Hero adheres to ESOMAR principles (the European society of opinion and market research). It is overseen by an independent Advisory Council comprising the American University of Kuwait, Gulf University of Science and Technology, the Australian College of Kuwait and Kuwait Maastricht Business School its academic sponsors, and other prominent businessmen from leading organizations, including its official partner; the American Customer Satisfaction Index, , the Boston Consulting Group, and Noor Investment Co.