Genesys highlights road to effective social customer service

March 20, 2014 10:55 am

Genesys (, a leading provider of customer experience and contact center solutions, today announced its participation at a Social Customer Service Seminar organized by Our Social Times, a leading social media agency helping brands facilitate online interaction with their customers.

The event held under the banner ‘How to Deliver Effective Customer Service’ saw a host of visionary speakers deliberate on the best approach to creating and executing a social customer service strategy through effective multi-channel delivery models.

“Social media is everywhere, changing the way people see and speak to brands. Customers today expect value-added, personalized customer experience in real time, using multiple channels. They expect to be able to start an interaction on one channel, and complete it on another without having to restart the whole conversation,” said Mohamed Afifi, Managing Director of Genesys in the Middle East. “With social media in place, customers are quick to voice their disappointment of poor service which can eventually lead to brand erosion and customer defection. To avoid this, organizations should develop optimal multichannel customer service in line with customer expectations. As customers switch channels, organizations need to ensure they sustain the strength of a great experience across every channel,” he added.

The one-day seminar tackled many of the most pressing challenges that brands face while interacting with customers via social channels. Speakers elaborated on how to create a social customer service strategy; plan for multi-channel social customer service; integrate social media into the contact center; manage a successful peer-to-peer support community; turn service agents into community managers; and measure success in social customer service.

Luke Brynley-Jones, Founder and CEO, Our Social Times, opened the seminar with a keynote on the potential for brands to engage in social media monitoring to gain key insights into market movements and perceptions in addition to gaining from a core understanding of how customers view their brands.

The event also featured an in-depth presentation by Martin Hill-Wilson, Europe’s leading social customer service expert and co-author of ‘Delivering Effective Social Customer Service’, who deliberated on how brands can develop increasingly sophisticated processes to deliver effective customer service via social channels. In addition, the seminar also featured a discussion by Ayman Itani, CEO, Think Media Labs, a premier digital and social media boutique agency, on the benefits of integrating social media into the core of business to enhance the company’s link to the digital world through the latest tools.

A recent study by Performics MENA found that 85% of respondents in the region have at least one social media account, while 61% of them have two or more social media accounts. The survey also found that internet users around the region are fast turning to social media preferring virtual conversations with brands and people. According to another survey, released earlier by YouGov and multilingual social network, 35% of internet users in the GCC use social networking sites for business purposes thus enhancing brand engagement.

The seminar turned to be an exciting opportunity for media, marketing and customer service professionals looking to leverage popular social channels to create strong online communities through effective customer engagement and service strategies. Genesys shared industry insight on how to deliver a consistent customer experience over the web, social, mobile, contact center, web site, back office and branches while lowering costs, increasing revenue and customer loyalty as well as providing customer experience that is personal, seamless and easy.

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