HDTV channels in the Arab world on the rise

March 24, 2014 2:56 pm

As of February 2014, satellites covering the Arab world offered 134 HDTV channels, up from 103 in April 2013.

A new report, entitled HDTV in the Arab World,by Arab Advisors Group, analysed last month’s high-definition TV channels in the region. It covered the channels offered by four satellite providers: Arabsat, Nilesat, YahLive, and Noorsat.

The number of HD channels studied constitutes approximately 11 per cent of the total number of satellite channels aired through the four satellites covering the region.

“TV has not only improved in terms of colour, image, video and audio quality, and reception, but it now offers interactive experiences with high-definition TV technology. [In line with that], the number of HDTV channels in the region has grown by 30 per cent from April 2013,” says Noor Asmar, Arab Advisors’ research analyst and lead author of the report. “The number of HD channels covered by the four main satellites was 87 channels in 2012 and 103 in April 2013, which increased by 31 channels to reach 134 in February 2014.”