Honda proud of its interactive Facebook page

May 13, 2014 2:01 pm

Honda’s popular Facebook page is gaining new fans each day and is steadily building a profile for itself in the world of social media. Having recently marked a social media milestone of gaining over 10,000 likes, the page( is engaging and interacting with its customers and with fans of the Honda range of vehicles. It features information on the Honda fleet of vehicles, new innovations, road safety information and much more. It also serves as a sounding board and questions and answers forum for Honda users and potential users.

Speaking about Honda Oman’s online presence, spokesperson from OMASCO said, “Using social media is an important way for us to communicate efficiently with our customers and potential customers. We work really hard to listen to our online community and share content that is valuable to them. With so many people across the Sultanate being IT savvy and a huge proportion of the community having access to Smartphones we are confident that our Facebook site together with our other Social Media tools gives our supporters a unique perspective into what Honda is all about.”

Honda has a very cutting edge communications strategy which includes its website, targeted advertisements, tradeshow presence and partnerships. It is committed to developing its Social Media channel as a means to getting the best feedback from its customers and using this to develop its sales channels.