Impact BBDO Beirut ranked #1 Creative Agency in the Region

February 22, 2014 3:55 pm

Impact BBDO reaped a total of 38 Cristals at the 2014 MENA Cristal Festival. Four agencies combined to win a Grand Prix, 2 Golds, 15 Silvers and 20 Bronzes across multiple categories. It was quite a performance for the group where the coveted ‘Creative Agency of the Year’ title was awarded to Impact BBDO Beirut, with fourth place going to Impact BBDO Dubai and sixth ranking to Impact BBDO KSA.

Impact BBDO Beirut took home 20 Cristals: 1 Grand Prix, 1 Gold, 8 Silver and 10 Bronze for its work on Annahar, Mars, Dewar’s, The Ministry of Tourism, Kawasaki, Nissan Pathfinder, SGBL and Vape in the following categories: Production, Film, Press & Print Craft, Outdoor, Promo & Direct, Digital & Media, Integrated and Arabic Culture.

– The Annahar “Little leaders” TV campaign topped the network’s count, carrying off the Advertisers Jury Grand Cristal, a Gold in Film and a Silver in Production.
– LBCi’sCheyefHalak campaign picked up a Silver in Production, a Bronze in Film, a Bronze in Integrated, another Bronze in Digital & Mobile, as well as a Silver in Arabic Culture.
– The Ministry of Tourism’s “Don’t Go to Lebanon” won a Silver in Production.
– Societe General Bank’s “60 Years” got a Bronze in Production.
– The Kawasaki “Speedometer” print campaign won a Silver in Press and another one in Outdoor.
– The Nissan Pathfinder “Bed” print visual won a Bronze in Outdoor.
– Maltesers’ “Bowlteaser” ambient activation took a Silver in Outdoor.
– The Annahar Online “Early News” print campaign won a Bronze in Outdoor and a Bronze in Press.
– Dewar’s award-winning “Heritage” campaign scored a Silver and a Bronze in Promo & Direct and a Bronze in Digital & Mobile.
– Vape’s “Curfew” campaign won a Bronze in Promo & Direct.

Impact BBDO Dubai closely followed with 11 Cristals: 5 Silver and 6 Bronze with work for Mercedes-Benz, Pepsi, SADIA and MARS in Film, Production, Press & Print Craft, Outdoor, Promo & Direct, Media and Arabic Culture categories.
– SADIA’s “Every Reason to Cook” TV campaign won a Silver in Production and a Bronze in Film.
– The MARS print campaign “Life’s Lighter with Maltesers” brought home 2 Silver in Print Craft, a Silver and a Bronze in Press and a Bronze in Outdoor.
– The Mercedes-Benz ‘A-Class Launch’ print campaign won a Bronze in Print Craft.
– The Pepsi Arabia “Sing-Off” X-Factor campaign took home a Silver in Promo & Direct and a Bronze in the Media category.
– Pepsi & Lay’s Ramadan campaign won a Bronze in the Film category.

Impact BBDO KSA won a total of 4 Cristals for OKAZ Publications’ “Buckle Up” campaign earning a Gold in Print Craft, a Silver in Press and both a Silver and a Bronze in Outdoor.

Impact BBDO Cairo took home a Bronze for Pepsi’s Ramadan Campaign in the Arabic Culture category.

Impact BBDO Group also won 2 Bronzes at the Global Cristal competition for the Snickers “Joker” Campaign in Print Craft and for CheyefHalak in Brand Entertainment & Content.

‘In addition to Impact BBDO Beirut being ranked the #1 Creative Agency in the MENA region, Impact BBDO Dubai and KSA came out as the top performers in their respective markets.I thank our clients and teams in continuing to raise the creative bar, whether it is reflected in celebrating our awards in this show or in our everyday work.’ said Dani Richa, Chairman & CEO of Impact BBDO Group – MENA & Pakistan.