Mindshare’s “Adaptive Mindset” makes a splash in Riyadh

May 21, 2014 2:26 pm

Mindshare, part of WPP, is a global media agency network helping clients to make collaborative and adaptive decisions across their paid, owned, and earned marketing in real-time. The agency triumphed at May 19th’s “The Adaptive Mindset,” a thrilling summit that highlighted the power of adaptability in a changing world.

Located at The Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, the exclusive event brought in attendees from every realm of business, seeking new strategies and insights to apply the adaptive mindset to their businesses. The panels were a star-studded affair, flush with renowned experts from a diverse range of disciplines: former world champion athlete Colin Jackson discussed his challenging road to the top in “Adapting to the Competition and Overcoming Life’s Hurdles: The Secrets of Success”and Simon Woodroffe discussed entrepreneurship and adaptability through his own experiences on the BBC hit show “Dragon’s Den” and with the YO! Brand.

In addition to these topics, attendees that received the exclusive invites to “The Adaptive Mindset” enjoyed fascinating panels that addressed the subject of adaptability, reflected through technology, the pioneering digital world, and fearless entrepreneurship.
Like the exciting panelists at “The Adaptive Mindset,” Mindshare’s commitment to adaptability and innovation has given the agency an undeniable competitive edge. As the technology and the world around us changes, Mindshare introduces pioneering new programs and offerings that keep clients at the very forefront of the business world.

“Knowledge is truly power – staying informed and flexible in the face of change is what consistently keeps Mindshare at the top of the industry,” says Mindshare MENA CEO Samir Ayoub.