Naqsh Short Film Festival announces 2014 submission dates

March 17, 2014 1:43 pm

The Naqsh Short Film Festival (NSFF 2014), organized by Naqsh Films, announced that the Third Annual Naqsh Short Film Festival will be held on October in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Naqsh Film Festival, created as a supportive, fun and inclusive regional hub for aspiring artists, will also be introducing new categories including the Director’s Choice for Saudi Arabian Films, Asian Short Film and its first international category for animation films.

The festival’s programming team, led by Managing Director Mohamed Maskati and Artistic Director Mohammed Rashid Buali also announced a call for submissions entries.

“We want to curate the most diverse festival; one that promotes regional talents to an international audience. Part of the motivation behind the festival is to make a venue available to aspiring artists to show their work,” said Maskati.

Buali, who recently joined the team behind NSFF 2014, said that “last year, the festival received submissions from over ten countries. We are looking forward to welcoming the talents from the region and across the globe to take part in the festival.”

NSFF 2014 also introduced new categories in the Naqsh Creative Awards for Bahraini Films to promote the local talents. The categories are: Best Bahraini Film, 2nd Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Acting, Best Artistic Contribution, and the Filmmaker of the Future award, the latter to be bestowed on the best and most promising directorial debut. All film entries for the Naqsh Creative Awards for Bahraini Films must meet at least one of the following eligibility conditions: the subject and story line of the film should be centered on Bahrain, the scenes in the film shot on location in Bahrain, or the filmmakers is of Bahraini nationality.

NSFF had been on the forefront of the regional filmfest bandwagon and had been steadily accumulating followers since it was first held on July 2012 at Al A’ali Complex. The 45 film entries on its first year doubled in number in 2013, having increased to 87 entries by more than 57 directors from 10 countries, coming from in and outside Bahrain; with viewership swelling in percentage annually since it started.

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