PR Xpress launches in UAE

August 31, 2014 11:58 am

Quality, budget-friendly public relations that has reach and is industry relevant and specific is now at every brand’s finger-tips, without long-term contracts, retainers, or wasted time. PR Xpress, the online PR service, gives media exposure to every business, regardless how large or small, for as little as Dhs999.

Melanie Kamdar, Managing Director of PR Xpress, sees potential for many local businesses: “This model is quickly picking up all over the world, and has been a mainstay in the UK for quite some time. With business in the UAE actively engaging with media consistently and also working on cutting unnecessary costs of PR agency retainers. With our service, press releases can be issued through PR XPress to share all your news and information without the overhead of Dhs20,000 (or more!) a month. Anyone from the receptionist to the CEO can submit the story they need in minutes through the PR XPress site and know that it’s safe in the hands of professional writers.”

The PR XPress model has grown in popularity globally over the last few years and many UAE-based expat marketers who have migrated from Europe and North America are familiar them and those who have worked in international news media are equally comfortable with these services.

Companies can take advantage of them very quickly and very easily. The simplicity of the service is paramount to its success: you log in, you request a new release, you fill in a short questionnaire that provides the PR writer with the needed information to craft a document that will then be automatically sent to all the relevant publications for your industry. The well-crafted story will be sent to news providers around the country and the region. Naturally, it helps that PR XPress’s writers are particularly experienced in writing for the region and have been creating industry connections for years: they know what journalists want to read, and the write for them to pick up the news instantly.

With a 24-hour turnaround from PR XPress’s writers on a request that takes about 5 minutes to fill in and costs just Dhs999, companies no longer need to worry about exorbitant PR budgets. Keep it clever, keep it simple, and always make sure it is exactly what it needs to be: do you run a car dealership? PR XPress sends your brief to a writer who has in-depth knowledge of the automotive publishing landscape and can create work accordingly. Are you looking to share the launch of your new restaurant? A food and drink writer will get your brief from PR XPress and send it out to the appropriate media outlets.

PR XPress functions on a credit-based system, where you purchase credits in advance and use them to request releases online. With connections across the media world in the region, businesses from all industries can benefit from the new, revolutionary, low-cost model offered by PR XPress.

For more info please contact:
Melanie Kamdar
PR XPress
mob: +971506380678