Qatar Airways introduces mobile technology for pilots

April 3, 2014 3:50 pm

Qatar Airways has started the roll out of QLOUD, an internally developed mobility application for iPads, which will provide real-time and decision-relevant information to the airline’s pilots. More than 500 pilots have already embraced the new technology, with 500 more set to begin using QLOUD over the next few weeks. All of Qatar Airways’ 2500 pilots are expected to use the QLOUD system by September this year.


Qatar Airways has been innovatively using mobility technology in its various business functions for more than three years, ensuring that its workforce, whether on the ground or in air, are able to retrieve decision-relevant information in real time and, in turn, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service.


QLOUD allows pilots to check-in for duty and retrieve important pre-flight information, such as their schedules, flight plans, maps, weather information, details of the crew they are flying with, hotel and destination information and dispatch briefs. This information can be accessed at a time and place of their convenience ahead of departure.


Qatar Airways’ CEO, Akbar Al Baker, says: “We are continually investing in mobile technology as a means to provide our workforce with real-time information, when required. Qatar Airways has always been, and continues to be, at the forefront of implementing technology for the purposes of increasing workforce productivity and efficiency, as well as enhancing customer service. We have already rolled out an internally developed iPad-based mobility application, called QRUISE, for our cabin crew that has been extremely successful.”


QLOUD also provides pilots with easy access to operational documentation. Hard copies of flight operational manuals and regulatory documentation, which can easily run into thousands of pages, will become obsolete, as soft copies will be made available through apps. Updates to these documents will be completed automatically by distributing relevant operational manuals and updates to all of the pilots through QLOUD programming, which includes acknowledgments of receipt from them. In addition, all paper-based forms, which were being filled out manually by pilots, have been replaced with electronic forms.


QLOUD also aids pilots in scheduling their training sessions, keeping track of their certifications and fully supports e-learning. The platform provides easy access to all corporate applications required by pilots, including emails, thereby offering everything that the crew community needs on a single device.


With aviation authorities approving iPads for use in aircraft decks, Qatar Airways intends to enhance QLOUD to supplement and support the on-board electronic flight bag technology.


Over the next few months, the airline’s network will add more destinations, including Philadelphia, USA (April 2), Larnaca, Cyprus (April 29), Istanbul, Turkey (May 22), Edinburgh, Scotland (May 28), Miami, USA (June 10), Haneda, Japan (June 18) and Dallas/Fort Worth, USA (July 1).