Red Stallion interactive sets up in the Arab Gulf to satisfy the long-awaited demands of users in the MENA region

March 1, 2014 3:05 pm

Red Stallion Interactive (RSI), a publisher devoted to developing and distributing interactive entertainment across the Middle East North Africa region (MENA), has officially set up in the Arab Gulf, establishing offices and local servers in Qatar and Bahrain, in order to satisfy the long-awaited demands of users in the region by improving latency and download time for its games.

The company offers an interactive and fun entertainment platform that provides an exciting portfolio of the best-of-breed games from worldwide top creative studios, publishers and indie developers across leading platforms. RSI develops and distributes mobile, PC downloadable and online games, customised and localized to satisfy the long-awaited demands of the Arabic consumer.

Localization and adaptation of content to the Arab World and the regional market to offer consumers a related product to their tastes and traditions is one of the main goals of the company. RSI works on the localization of the games and the addition of features to achieve adequate levels of tuning for the Arab consumer. The company offers a state-of-art platform that allows users to interact and be entertained through ease access to world-class social features; online events, tournaments, prizes, challenges, participate in a growing community connected through a highly interactive portal, social games and social media channels, and multiple payment solutions with maximum flexibility and security to consumers.

The rapidly changing digital landscape is revolutionizing the game industry worldwide and RSI offers a number of high quality digital content to the MENA region. For this reason, the company markets and presents these games with a focus on the regional consumers. RSI games serve customers throughout the region an immersive gaming experience, providing a point of encounter where the user find a fun alternative to other sources of entertainment in addition to downloading quality content.

Servicing fun entertainment to the Arab World
RSI content, both licensed and original, will be rooted in culture based on the Arabian Gulf region, with global themes and appeal. Games offer various genres and formats from MMOG’s (massive multi player online games), to free-to-play games, PC downloadable games, on-line games, mobile, casual and social games.

RSI games portfolio aims to covers every genre; from building your own empire to solving puzzles, from fighting beasts to driving cars. The company harnesses the creativity of developers and deliver it to a wide Arab audience, enriching people´s lives through gaming.

Red Stallion Interactive provides solutions
RSI is a premier game publisher in the Arabian Gulf and beyond. Created in 2011 by Founder, Partner & Chairman Dr Ahmed Juman, Red Stallion Interactive, (RSI) LLC is a new publisher devoted to developing and distributing interactive entertainment across the MENA region. RSI has its main office based in Doha, Qatar, while its technological hub is based in Manama, Bahrain.

Red Stallion Interactive will work with some of the leading video game developers, publishers, and intellectual property creators around the world to generate best-in-class digital content for a region eager to engage with new interactive entertainment.

Since the gaming platform launch in November 2013, Red Stallion Interactive’s current 100+ games catalogue already counts with titles from world-class developers and publishers such as; Blacklight Retribution from Zombie Studios, Imperia Online MMO, King’s Bounty and Men of Wars series from 1C, ShadowRun Returns (Harebrained Studios), Adventure Time (D3) to cite a few and many more in the pipeline. Red Stallion Interactive aims to become in the preferred publisher for developers interested to distribute their content across MENA.

The company will initially focus on distributing and developing for the greater Arabian Gulf region to establish its business base, bringing a high quality online interactive content portfolio to the region’s growing customer base, with plans to expand globally.