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Sharjah Media Corporation enhances performance of News Centre, Sports Channel, and Digital Transmission

July 26, 2014 10:06 am

The Sharjah Media Corporation (SMC) announced that it has increased the storage capacity of its TV channels 16 fold, as part of its continued development plans. The move comes in the light of the growth of SMC’s activities and its adoption of new phases for the development of work mechanisms in its various sections.

The new storage capacity is equivalent to approximately 6000 hours of its HD transmission capacity and about 12,000 hours of its SD transmission capacity.

The new move will enable the corporation to add other news agencies, so as to support the delivery of quality broadcast services and enhance the work of the News Centre and provide it with the ability to connect with various events happening in the world. The project was completed within one and a half months, well ahead of its projected four-month schedule.

Speaking On this occasion, Dr Khaled Omar Al Medfa, SMC Director General, said, “The Corporation will continue to develop every area of its services and support its broadcast network with advanced technology and high skills in keeping with the latest technology available in the regional and global media. There is no doubt that this expansion of storage capacity will support the performance of a range of sections and constitute an important addition that will boost the Corporation’s strategy to expand and increase the number of its current channels, in its quest to open new channels in the coming period.”

Meanwhile, Eng. Ayesha Al Zareef, who is in charge of Transmission Technology at SMC, said, “The main aim of the new storage system is to organise the work mechanism between various departments, especially the News Centre, Programmes, Sports Channel, and Digital Transmission and boost their work with more advanced skills and expertise. This move has enabled us to add more new devices and technological programs, which are already in place, after our staff and employees received intensive training on how to use and interact with them. We will continue to expand and update our broadcast operations as we reach out to a wider viewer base and provide a service that meets and exceeds the expectations of our viewers.”

The new step represents a unique addition to the Sharjah Sports Channel, which will enable it to get wider sports coverage of different sports events from a range of well-known international news agencies. It will also help save time and effort at the Censorship Division in watching various recorded materials.

In view of the new storage expansion, a new strategy has been developed in archival film scanning, and new digital transmission devices have been already introduced, which in turn has helped improve the quality programmes in a faster and more effective manner.

The Corporation is now studying several options to include more advanced technical devices, hardware, and software necessary for its different sections in line with its new storage expansion plans.