SMC holds workshops on GCA

August 31, 2014 1:56 pm

As part of its constant endeavour to improve government communication skills among Sharjah government employees and communication professionals across the UAE, Sharjah Media Centre (SMC) on Wednesday and Thursday held two workshops on the Sharjah Government Communication Award (GCA), a first-of-its-kind award aimed at promoting competitiveness among the country’s various government entities.

Held in Sharjah and Dubai, the two workshops outlined the regulations that define the mechanisms of participation in the GCA. Attendees were introduced to the mechanism and criteria by which SMC sorts applications and verifies their compliance with the criteria for each category.

During the workshops, media and communication professionals from across the country expressed their keenness to participate in the award, which offers them an opportunity to highlight their achievements in the field of government communication and exchange experiences with their peers.

HE Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of SMC, emphasised the significance of these workshops, which, according to him, seek to provide important information on how to prepare for and participate in the GCA in its second edition.

He affirmed the award’s vital role in consolidating best practices in government communication at the level of the GCC and highlighting the various developments witnessed in this field, as well as aspects of innovation and excellence.

Osama Sanra, Director of SMC, said that the workshops focused on the conditions of participation in the GCA, including the provision of the required attachments, and the most important instructions that must be followed before applying for participation, particularly the need to take enough time to know about the award’s categories and, therefore, choose the most applicable one.

Samra noted that attendees of the workshops were advised to create a timeline for their preparation steps, including information gathering, supporting material preparation, writing and review. “They were advised not to leave any of those steps to the last minute”, added SMC Director.

He stressed the significant role of the workshops in crystallising the goals of the GCA in the minds of workers in the government communication sector, in addition to encouraging them to compete and participate in the award.

It is notable that the GCA consists of 12 awards divided under two main divisions, the selected categories and the nominated ones.

The selected categories are allocated for the GCC area and include Excellence in Government Communication Award, Media Personality Award and Leadership in Media Award.

The nominated categories, on the other hand, are dedicated to the UAE and comprise Best Practices in Government Communication – Sharjah, Best Official Spokesperson – Sharjah, Best Government Website – Sharjah, Best Crisis Management – UAE, Best Strategic Government Communication Plan – UAE, Best Government Social Media Practice – UAE, Best Government Intercommunication Practice – UAE, Best Government Communication Campaign – UAE and Best Graduation Project on Government Communication – UAE.
The GCA’s website,, began to receive applications for participation in the award last May and submissions have to be in before the deadline of October 31, 2014.