Social@Ogilvy wants social strategies to deliver business impact for Lebanese marketers

April 1, 2014 10:50 am

Part of its mission to continuously offer clients the most advanced solutions, Memac Ogilvy Beirut conducted a series of workshops defining social media as an expertise that delivers clients business value. Part of a regional roadshow, the workshop, led by Ema Linaker, Regional Director of Social@Ogilvy, underlined the right steps to understanding social media’s value in order to adopt a more strategic use of this new discipline.

As one of the leading social and digital firms, Social@Ogilvy represents a broad range of clients, including technology, B2B, FMCG, luxury, finance and automotive brands across the MENA region.

Social media has become increasingly mainstream. The number of social media users and channels has exploded in Lebanon and the wider Middle East region in general. However, there appears to be a disconnection between the savviness of the digital consumer and the businesses operating here. “Social should be at the core of any strategy that involves marketing communications. Now is the time to help our clients understand how to use social media more strategically and understand how it can support business growth in terms of awareness, advocacy and when applied properly, sales,” said Ema Linaker. “Marketers spend millions defining and communicating the brand via communications channels. We need to take a fresh look at how the brand can behave in social media,” she added.

“Our clients are starting to realize social media is an essential component of an effective communications and marketing strategy,” said Naji Boulos, Managing Director of Memac Ogilvy Beirut. “Our clients have different levels of knowledge in this new space and their organizations are at different points along the digital adoption wave. They need a trusted partner for try-and-learn programs, training and expert counsel. We need to help both types of clients and the myriad in-between. Our local experience with effective strategies and our understanding of the current landscape allows us to design and execute creative social campaigns, all while speaking a language that senior executives understand,” Naji added.

Social@Ogilvy has a range of services available to clients to help them activate social campaigns. These include real-time customer insights, engagement strategies, influencer programs, real time content studios, paid media all underlined with a rigorous approach to measurement.

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