The Brand Leaders presents the future of marketing in the Middle East

January 25, 2014 7:14 am

The new Dubai based marketing agency Young Network launched The Brand Leaders, the first online platform in the Middle East gathering opinions of Marketing Managers and Communication Directors working in the region on the future of marketing and communications.

Starring brands such as Damac, Adidas, Siemens, Microsoft, Yas Marina Circuit, Mercedes-Benz, Amodoria, Shakespeare and Co., among others, will be presented in the launching phase, and from then on a new video will be uploaded every week. In the future, the agency also expects to conduct research on Marketing and Communications and host related events through the online platform, as a way to keep the project relevant for all professionals and students.

Essa Al Mulla, Executive Director for Emirates Nationals Development Programme and one of the Speakers at The Brand Leaders launch event, stated that”Marketing is one of the main roles where we feel that Emirati can add lot of value and contribute big time to the nation. The big support that we will receive from the private sectors, and we started seeing that the private sector is now moving seriously towards the nation’s agenda, which means that the Marketing role is vital to every and each of the Emiratis, where they can add lots of values to the entire work force development in the coming few years.”

The website will host short videos with testimonies from representatives of main brands from all sectors of business, collecting their views on this subject. The project is aimed at professionals and students in the region, which will benefit from having a real life impression on how brand strategizing works and think more profoundly about the upcoming challenges posed by Expo 2020.

Commenting on the launch, Jaime Galviz, Microsoft Gulf’s Chief Operations Officer said: “The launch of The Brand Leaders is a much-needed platform at this time and in this region which currently has the highest per capita consumer expenditure on communication in the developing world. Due to unique factors, such as demographics, infrastructure and culture this region houses some of the world’s strongest digital consumption, offering opportunities for businesses and professionals within the field to connect. The Middle East has demonstrated an appetite for connectivity in the region and the adoption by local consumers of digital goods as necessities, and I am certain that The Brand Leaders will support this growth by connecting experts globally and locally.”

João Duarte, CEO of the Young Network group of Young Network Middle East, believes “We are opening dialogue regarding what is done in marketing and communication. It’s time to study the new trends emerging and start gathering information regarding where marketing and communication is going next.”

The CEO added “Expo 2020 is going to change the landscape of the Emirates, not only Dubai. The region will be in the world’s spotlight, and people will pay more attention to what is done here. This constitutes an opportunity for brands to be in the forefront, to be trend setters. And we should all be paying attention to this historic moment.”

Regarding the project, Nick McElwee, Marketing Manager for YAS Marina Circuit, stated: “Any discussion about the future of Marketing and Communication in the region should be stewarded by the young and happen online. It’s a great project lead by the right people in the right place and Yas Marina Circuit is very happy to be involved.”