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Toyota introduces two FJ Cruiser models via 4DX ad

March 26, 2014 11:02 am

Two new models of the Toyota FJ Cruiser, the Xtreme and Street, made their debuts in the UAE via a 4DX advertisement, which ran in VOX Cinemas across the country. Only 200 models of the FJ Xtreme and Street have been produced.

Muddville, a Dubai-based production company, executed the campaign, called ‘DEFY’. Moviegoers were able to experience all of the bumps, jumps and the intensity of the FJ Cruiser Xtreme’s driving experience, all the while sitting in their seats. The commercial ran last Thursday (March 20) before the film, Need for Speed.

Meanwhile, the FJ Cruiser Xtreme has been manufactured in collaboration with Arctic Trucks, an Icelandic company that specialises in modifying 4WD vehicles for special-utility companies, police and military bodies for use in remote locations, glaciers and deserts.

4DX is a motion picture technology owned and developed by South Korea-based firm, CJ 4DPLEX. It was introduced commercially in 2009, with the release of The Journey to the Center of the Earth in Seoul.