Urban Associates enters the HR Market with the region’s first video interview platform

January 27, 2015 11:39 am

Urban Associates Ltd today announced the launch of the My Interview platform (www.myinterview.org), the region’s first video interview platform, that allows sustainable hiring for all types of organizations and takes talent acquisition to the next level of precision. The My Interview is also the web’s first video interview platform supporting Arabic language.

“Today, more than 5.8 million users on LinkedIn belong to the region of Middle East,” said Zhamal Nanaeva, Chairman and Co-Founder at Urban Associates.

“The significant number that is expected to grow in the future is a hint to the growing influence and employment of technology and internet platforms by the professionals in the region.”

Sustainable Sourcing

Whether hiring locally, regionally or internationally, or acquiring students, consultants or employees, organizations need to modify their HR practices and adopt the use of innovative technology for higher exposure and better outreach to the scarce talent.

“The growing penetration of online video viewing is further stressed by the fact that YouTube gets almost 258 million daily views from the Middle Eastern region,” said Rauf Mammadov, Director and Co-Founder at Urban Associates. “The growing trend of online video viewing is expected to give rise to the question: if video viewing then why not video interviewing?”

The My Interview was designed for organizations that value sustainability and collaboration, and seek to save time, cost, efforts and environment (http://vimeo.com/93663647). The My Interview allows organizations compose their questions or select from a library of possible queries both in English and Arabic. Typically, candidates are allowed up to 5 minutes to respond to up to 5 questions, which represents almost 10x savings in time when compared with a typical face to face interview.