The 11th Government and Business Leading CEO Conference concludes successfully

April 19, 2014 9:29 am

Organized by Datamatix, the 11th Government and Business Leading CEO Conference hosted on Thursday, April 17, at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, UAE concludes successfully. The conference, in its eleventh year, focused on the 2020 leadership competencies and the leadership standardization of modern day CEOs.

The conference in its initial sessions included the 2020 HR and Corporate Communication models that would redefine the scope of global leadership in the future.

The conference is sponsored and partnered by Almarai, Telecommunications Regulation Authority of Bahrain, Capital Business, Glenda, Pepsi, International Adv. Network, Arab Beverages Establishment, and Carlsbad Mineral Water.

The conference began with the presentation of Dr. Murad Elian, Chief HR Officer, APS consulting & Former HR Specialist, RTA on GCC 2020 HR Leadership Globalization and Competitive Standardization-Rewards & Recognition ( A Leadership Tool). He elaborated on the latest developments and practices of global competitiveness and the development of knowledge management strategies in HR 2020 in the GCC Countries.

It was followed by a session on GCC 2020 HR Corporate Governance Globalization and Competitive Standardization Development. The session showcased the opinions of 2 speakers from ‘The Talent Enterprise’ Mr. David Jones, Managing Director and Ms. Simran Bhatnagar, Consulting Manager. They discussed the new technologies that not only perform many data entry tasks, but also allow for increased employee participation in HR processes. They also briefed about the strategies that will define their vision for 2020. A number of forces, which are currently at play, are helping to shape the workplace of tomorrow.

It was followed by a panel discussion on ‘Developing the TOP 3 Leadership Positions in Government & Business Organizations’ and the criteria involved. The panel was chaired by Prof. Tom James, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Navitas Resources Pte Ltd; Mrs. Zainab Noureldini, Head of Human Resource, Commercial Bank International; Ms. Jules Lewis, CEO, Mountain High; Dr. Usman Zafar, CEO, DU Consulting International & Country Manager, ]init[ Services for the e-Society; Carlo Pignataro, Founder& Master Trainer SELLING SKILLS EMPOWERMENT; Mr. Malik Al Thuwaini, Qualification Framework Advisor NIVE, Knowledge & Human Development Authority.

The coffee break and networking session was followed by a presentation on Effects of Leadership on Employee Engagement: Insights and Facts by Dr. Heena Sunil Bulchandani
Specialist-Training & Dev. Human Resources – Training, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, DEWA.

Dr. Ahmad Tahlak, President & Chairman of LEVENBERT presented a session on Developing the Next Generation CEO in GCC Government and Business Organizations. He discussed the strategies for empowering the Organizational map for the next 10 years and discussed in detail the dynamism and challenges for the next CEO’s role.

It was followed by a panel discussion on The Transformative CEO: The roadmap for creative & smart-CEO. The panel was chaired by Mr. Edward M. Cunningham, CEO of Atos Middle East; Dr. Helmut M. Schühsler, CEO of TVM Capital Healthcare Partners, Mr. Hazim Al-Hajjaj, Chief Executive Officer of Micro Automation Industries; Mr. Paris Norriss, CEO and Co-Founder of Rise UAE.

The conference was followed by the ’11th Leading CEO Awards’. A keynote was presented by H.E. Dr. Eng . Ali Mohammad Al-Khouri, Director General of Emirates Identity Authority. He enlightened the audience on the GCC 2020 Government and Business CEO Criteria. He elaborated the upcoming challenges and responsibilities of a CEO for the next coming years and the challenges that the region will be facing in wake of the 2020 programs and future.

He said that the building of a smart and competitive government is a mandate in this moment of time and not a subject matter to be postponed, as all the regions should prepare themselves to maintain their competitive edge globally.

His Excellency urged the organizational leaders to invest their difficulties and challenges that they may face in the implementation of the project and turn it into opportunities for constructive improvement and exercise their power and responsibilities as a leader towards achieving the UAE Vision 2021 that aims to make UAE the No.1 country on the map of global development by its golden jubilee.

The award ceremony keynote was presented by Mr. Sayed Aqa, UN Resident Coordinator & UNDP Resident Representative to the UAE.

The winners of the 11th Leading CEO Awards were honored in the presence of H.E. Dr. Eng . Ali Mohammad Al-Khouri and Mr. Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director of Datamatix.

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