54 days average timeframe to raise funds through the crowd with an average Investment of $4,500 – Eureeca reports

June 9, 2014 11:51 am

Eureeca.com, the first global crowdinvesting platform where businesses raise capital to expand and grow from of a crowd of investors in exchange for shares in their business, released an infographic dissecting investor and SME averages and habits as a reflection of the platform’s first year in operation. The infographic details where investors came from and how they spent their time on Eureeca.

In its first year, Eureeca has had 4,617 people sign up to the platform, which resulted in $1,343,020 that was raised for growth businesses. Individual and institutional investors on Eureeca came from around the world including the UAE, Jordan, Morocco, Japan, Singapore, Greece and Hong Kong to name a few. Other highlights included the largest investor who invested $61,000 into a single proposal and the average investment being $4,500, signifying a substantial investor base across the GCC. The infographic also revealed that female investors were on the rise, with 1 in 4 investing in campaigns listed on Eureeca being female.

From the SME side, over 465 companies have signed up to list crowdinvestment campaigns from a variety of industries including retail, technology and e-commerce. On average, companies seeking to raise funds have been operational for 1.7 years.

Sam Quawasmi, MD & Co-Founder of Eureeca, said: “Now that we are a year old, it was important for us to reflect back on what has taken place on our platform. The analysis of our investor and entrepreneur trends helps us better understand the crowdinvesting dynamics, and to continue to structure and evolve our product accordingly. For example, knowing that it takes an average of 54 days to get funded on Eureeca inspires us to prepare SMEs for the work ahead in securing the funding they require to grow and scale. Crossing the million-dollar mark was also a big achievement showcasing that there is strong appetite to deliver investments to growth businesses securing funding through the crowd. ”

The infographic also revealed interesting facts like the number of hours investors spent watching funding videos which was 736 hours.

Eureeca was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and investment professionals, Chris Thomas & Sam Quawasmi to address the challenges growing businesses face in raising finance; especially given the changing economic landscape.

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