ADX organises a lecture on stock prices change

May 21, 2014 2:41 pm

In support of its efforts to enhance financial awareness, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) recently organised a lecture on stock prices changes for its investors at ADX headquarters.

The lecture was given by Dr Hassan Yassin, a consultant at ADX, who explained the most important factors that can affect stock prices. Dr Yassin pointed out that some of these relate to the listed companies who issue their shares in the stock market, and some to the sectors in which these companies are classified. In addition there are other factors which reflect the impact activities of investors and trading patterns can have on share prices. The presentation also highlighted the impact of other economic factors that affect share prices such as inflation, interest rates as well as certain non-economic factors.

ADX is committed to increase the general level of understanding among investors about the trends and risks involved in equity investment, which is in line with its vision to achieve a secure and stable investment market. This lecture formed part of the many financial awareness initiatives that ADX has been conducting, including site visits to schools, universities and governmental entities.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Neaimi, Assistant CEO for Support Services at ADX commented: “ADX is committed to best practice, and to providing a world class service to our clients and investors. We want to empower our clients with as much financial awareness as possible to allow them to make successful investment decisions. ADX will continue its series of programmes and events to increase awareness throughout the year in collaboration with relevant parties.”

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