Ajman Delegation visits Dubai Municipality, discusses on tackling stray animals issue

April 23, 2014 4:00 pm

As part of sharing municipal services experience between various civic bodies in the country and within the efforts to unify public health& safety activities, Dubai Municipality has received a delegation from Municipality& planning Department Ajman, officials informed.

It was the Public Health Services department of Dubai Municipality which received the visiting team and held discussion on several topics related to veterinary services.

Eng. Hashim Al-Awadhi, head of veterinary services section at the department and other officials received the team headed by Eng. Abdulla AbdulRazzaq Al-Tamimi, head of public health section.

In the beginning, veterinary services section officials delivered a presentation detailing Dubai Municipality’s vision and strategic goals set in the field of public health services as well as in developing livestock.

The presentation shed light on functions of various organizational units and technical programs designed to tackle animal diseases.

Training programs, vaccination schemes and other systems approved by World Organization for Animal Health also described in the presentation.

Both ends engaged in a detailed discussion on programs to tackle stray animal issue in the country and on health and safety aspects the issue arises.

The group deliberated on projects to check proliferation and uncontrolled breeding of the stray animals including camels, cows, dogs, cats and gazelles.

The discussion also covered projects to protect rare species of animals in collaboration with expert agencies and according to animal welfare principles set forth by World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA).

Effective systems to address public complaints about stray animals also was given highlight in the discussions.
Guests carried out a visit on various sections and organizational units and watched advanced equipments and technology on use at the department.

Both sides agreed upon to continue communications as well as to share expertise and knowledge in the field of training on systems and advanced technology.

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