Al Baraka starts distributing $36.69m to shareholders

April 30, 2014 10:09 am

Al Baraka Banking Group (B.S.C.) started the 29th April distributing $36.69m to the shareholders being cash dividends for the year 2013 according to AGM approval.

Entitled shareholders is according to the Register as of AGM date 23 March 2014 and equal to 3.5 Cents per share.

The applicable Zakah for each share is 0.67 Cent according to Shari’a Supervisory Board declaration, and shareholders have to pay their Zakah on their own. The Shari’a Supervisory Board Report is enclosed in the Bank’s Annual Report which is available on the AlBaraka website

AlBaraka has appointed Fakhro Karvy, the Share Registrar to handle the dividends distribution, and shareholders can contact them through their call center.

For more information please contact:
Fakhro Karvey
Tel: +97317215080
Fax: +97317212055

Investors Relations
AlBaraka Banking Group B.S.C.
Tel: (+973) 17520701 / 17541122
Fax: (+973) 17910911 / 17536533