Al-Fouzan: Boosting service quality pivotal to achieving profit, facing competition

February 9, 2014 10:23 am

During the annual celebration of the honoring of employees at the Service Quality Program 2013, Chief of Retail Banking at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Mohammed Al-Fouzan stated that service quality will always be prioritized by KFH management, since it grants the bank a competitive edge in the market; especially after the distinguished figures achieved during the latest annual budget, where KFH managed to maintain a good level of sustainable profit. It is worth noting that 88 employees were honored during the celebration.

Al-Fouzan asserted that the accomplishment is the result of tireless efforts exerted by all employees over a whole year, despite economic developments locally and worldwide. He underlined the importance of service quality during the coming period, and its pivotal role in the bank’s strategy during the coming five years. He thanked the employees for their efforts last year, and said that KFH management is keen to eliminate any obstacles that face service providers or hinder them from offering better services to clients.

Meanwhile, Executive Manager Service Quality Hossam Al-Khateeb stated that the honored employees were subjected to mystery shoppers, quality control officers, and client satisfaction measurements. He added that their results were positive, and mentioned that more efforts are expected from them. He also shed light on the news mechanisms and projects that the department will shoulder this year.

Furthermore, the best banking and commercial branches in every area, whether for men or women, were honored, in addition to supporting commercial services, financial services, and cars services. Distinguished employees at the Call Center and Direct Sales were also honored.

The event that was attended by many managers and KFH officials was concluded by announcing the members of the Golden Club for 2014 and honoring them.