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Al-Ghaith: KD172m deposited in depositors’ accounts

February 6, 2014 8:06 am

Chief Operating Officer at Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Anwar Al-Ghaith stated that the depositors’ profits that reached KD 172 million will be deposited in their accounts, which underlines KFH’s technical and abilities and skillful manpower. He added that this sum of money highlights the success of the bank’s strategy that includes achieving sustainable profit and high revenues for shareholders and depositors. He asserted that the distributed money is the result of relentless efforts exerted by KFH staff that cautiously planned and approached various investment opportunities.

Moreover, he noted that the increase in deposits distributions and investment accounts compared to 2012 was good where 2.180% was distributed for five-year deposit compared to 2.147% last year. Distributions for continuous investment deposits are 1.962% compared to 1.932 last year. Al-Sudra distributions are 1.526% compared to 1.503% last year. Distributions for investment saving accounts are 1.308% compared to 1.288% last year.

Furthermore, Al-Ghaith applauded the strong loyalty bond found between KFH and its clients who have always supported KFH and its employees. He said that KFH strives to offer best returns while diversifying its saving vessels to meet the requirements of various client segments. He stressed that KFH is keen to offer best level of services and technology possible to its clients, which prompts KFH to continuously develop and invest in its employees.