Al Habtoor Group Chairman announces Board Revamp to capitalise on new growth opportunities

December 29, 2013 4:55 am

The Al Habtoor Group announces a major reshuffle across the Group’s boards on Thursday 26 December, 2013. The changes are geared at providing guidance and advice on Group strategy to enhance growth across the Group’s diverse businesses. This is in line with the vision of the Chairman Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor. The shakeup, across all units, includes Hotels, Motors, Real Estate, Schools, Car Rental as well as the Group’s Legal and Audit Boards. The changes take effect from January 1st 2014.

The Chairman said, “This reshuffle is essential to ensure we are ready to for what the future holds. We need to prepare our units for the opportunities ahead following Dubai’s success to host the Expo 2020. I want to ensure we have renewed energy throughout the Al Habtoor Group units and make sure we have the correct strategy in place.”

He added, “As our motto states, we are growing with the UAE, and the Emirates is experiencing unprecedented growth. We want to capitalise on this and make sure we have the right people in place to enable us to continue growing with the UAE.”

The changes impact the following divisions:
-Habtoor Hotels
-Al Habtoor Motors
-Emirates International Schools
-Real Estate
-Legal & Audit Boards

The Hotels Division, which is growing rapidly, with the recent addition of the Waldorf Astoria on the Palm Jumeirah, and Al Habtoor City – which will incorporate three five-star hotels on one plot, has been carefully planned with a mix of expertise to cope with the growing demands of the business. The new board, to be chaired by Mohammed Al Habtoor, Vice Chairman and CEO of the Group, will include Maan Halabi, Executive Director, AHG; Mohammed Mazrooei, Managing Director, AHG; Sanjeev Agarwala, Director Strategy & Business Development, AHG; Henning Fries, Group Director of Hotels, and Omar Khalaf, Chief Financial Officer, Habtoor Hotels. In the event of any absence of Mohammed Al Habtoor, Maan Halabi will chair the meeting.

Al Habtoor Motors, which has experienced rapid growth in 2013 with the addition of several new global tire business and two top Chinese brands of cars, will be chaired by Mohammed Al Habtoor. Board members will be Ahmed K Al Habtoor, CEO, AL Habtoor Motors; K. P. Rajan, Group Financial Advisor; Paul A Rayner, Advisor to the Chairman; R. Venkataraman, Director of Corporate Governance and Risk Management; Karl Hamer, Managing Director, Al Habtoor Motors and Jagdish Parulekar, Chief Financial Officer at Al Habtoor Motors.

The new Diamondlease board will be chaired by KP Rajan. Other members include Maan Halabi, Paul Rayner, Mohammed Mazrooei, R. Venkataraman and Karl Hamer. The Chairman said in line with best practice he has formally introduced a position of Chairman of the Divisional Board to monitor the on-going performance and be the contact point for the units from the Group for all Board related matters.

Maan Halabi has been appointed Chairman of the Real Estate Division. Board members include Yusef Shalabi, Director of Projects and Real Estate, AHG; Mohammed Mazrooei, Arun Krishnan, Chief Financial Officer, AHG; Jamar Johnson, Real Estate Manager, AHG. The Real Estate division is growing significantly in the coming years with the addition of three residential towers, currently under construction, as part of the Al Habtoor City development. Al Habtoor City is a mixed use development incorporating residential, hospitality, leisure and lifestyle in a prime and central location in Dubai.

K.P. Rajan has been appointed Chairman of the Emirates International Schools Divisional Board. Paul Rayner and Maan Halabi have been selected as members of the school board. K.P. Rajan will also head the legal committee board. Other board members are Maan Halabi, R. Venkataraman, Sanjeev Agarwala and Mohammed Younes, Legal Affairs Manager, AHG. AHG’s Audit Committee will be Chaired by K. P. Rajan, while its members are made up of Paul Rayner, R Venkataraman, Maan Halabi, Mohammed Mazrooei and Sunil Nampoothiri, Director of Internal Audit, AHG.

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